Commissioner Grant Moody Endorsed by Major Law Enforcement Associations

Marine Officer Praised for Prioritizing Public Safetying Public Safety

(San Antonio) – Today, Republican Bexar County Commissioner Grant Moody received the endorsement of respected law enforcement organizations representing those working on the front lines to keep Bexar County safe for our citizens and families. These organizations were united in their strong endorsement of Commissioner Moody, based on his leadership and proven track record in prioritizing public safety and supporting law enforcement.

Those endorsing Moody include the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County, San Antonio Police Officers Association (SAPOA) and Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas (CLEAT), a statewide law enforcement organization. Combined, these organizations represent thousands of individuals who serve in law enforcement locally and across Texas.

Ron Tooke, President of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County, said, “In matters regarding public safety, we have no better friend, no stronger ally than Commissioner Grant Moody. He has produced results, helping ensure we have the personnel and resources we need to fight for safe streets and neighborhoods. Commissioner Moody doesn’t just talk about the need to protect our citizens; he acts and gets things done.”

Danny Diaz, President of the San Antonio Police Officer Association, announced SAPOA’s strong endorsement of Commissioner Moody. “When law enforcement was threatened with Prop A, Grant Moody stood and fought with us, helping ensure the defeat of this ill-conceived and dangerous measure. He took a strong, unequivocal position that Prop A would place our communities at risk. When the men and women in blue needed to know their leaders had their back, Commissioner Moody proved he stands with us. We urge all residents of Precinct 3 to send Grant Moody back for another term where he can continue his work to protect our families and neighborhoods.”

Chief Executive Officer Charlie Wilkison of CLEAT said, “Our organization represents thousands of police officers here in Bexar County and around the state. CLEAT appreciates local leaders like Commissioner Grant Moody who has stood with the men and women in law enforcement who place their lives on the line every single day.  As a former Marine F-18 fighter pilot who served our country for over a decade, Commissioner Moody has a personal commitment to stand with those who work to keep us safe.  He has earned our support.”

During his service as county commissioner, Moody has made public safety a priority. In his first term, Moody led the effort to secure funding for 62 new Deputy Sheriffs and 21 new Constables, including 9 based in Precinct 3.